Saturday, June 6, 2009

Getcha a trailer, getcha a house!

When Katrina smacked int0 Louisiana and when FEMA finally decided to do something they sent down a whole fleet of trailers. Most people complained about trailer life saying it was degrading to them (I guess they haven't paid attention to all those grey hairs that retire to trailer life). Usually FEMA benefits continue for 18 months after the fact but for Katrina they extended the benefits to 45 months. Well the time is up and FEMA plans on selling those trailers to the po' folk for 1-5 dollars. How many will take the deal?
FEMA is planning for the future now. If a disaster hits Florida, FEMA plans to put folks in all those empty repossessed homes. Let's see... the reason Louisiana folks were in trailers was because the homes were destroyed, one way or another. Evidently the homes are made of stronger stuff in Florida as they won't be destroyed in a hurricane. As my niece would say...whatever!

My son called yesterday. He is in the Navy. For his 21st birthday we gave him a Glock model 36 in .45 acp. He ordered night sights and a lighter trigger bar. He did all the work himself as well as a light polish of the trigger components. A trip to the range and 200 rounds later showed perfect function and revealed a beautiful trigger action.

I'm working a funky shift so I don't get much time to research the news so posting may be a little funky.

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