Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some More Sharp Bargains

While at the pawnshop putting out some items that had defaulted items i found we had several knives to price and display. Two of them struck my fancy. The first one that caught my eye was a Buck modle 120. It's a large fixed blade knife with Buck's tradition black phenolic handle with aluminum gaurd and pommel. It sports a 7.5 inch bowie style blade tht seem a triffle narrow for it's length but is overall a nice looking cuchillo. This knife dated from 1988. It seems this model was a favorite with servicemen heading to Vietnam. If you find one with a 3 line stanp on the tang and no other marking, it could be from that era.

The second knife is the ever popular Buck 110. It is a folding hunter with a definite clip or bowie design to the blade. It's in outstanding shape with a never sharpend blade and no pocket or sheath wear at all. As in NEW. It dates from 2012.

I approached the owner, who I was working with that day, and asked him what kind of agreement we could come to on these knives. He asked what we had in them I looked and said 5 in one and 8.50 in the other. He says, gimme 15 and they're yours!

I brought them home and looked at the 120 closer and found it had some minor dings and scratches in the aluminum parts. I took them out and polished the aluminum and the polished the sharp blade too.

The 110 needed nothing more than a quick polish and it was good to go.

Neither of these knives have a sheath so the search is on. For the 120 I want the old style full coverage sheath. I had a 119 Special with one of these and really liked it. Unfortunately it grew legs and left in the great gun and knife disapearance several years ago.
For the 110 I wanna  look around and get a basket weave carved custom to carry it in.
   I did some looking today and found that I have a pair of knives that are worth about 160-170 dollars total. The 120 was 'discontinued" in 2001. Buck has made some runs of this knife for Cabelas though since then. Here's the two of them now.


Craig M. said...

Man, I couldn't work there. On payday I would owe more than I made.

Dean Carder said...

Wait till you see my latest purchase!