Friday, March 22, 2013

What The Fuck?

Sitting here listening to some great musical stylings by Hog Jaw, contemplating the upcoming...SNOW STORM! Yep, another snowstorm is getting ready to dump another 10 freaking inches on me. Well not just me but you get the drift. Get it? The drift? Snow? Come on now keep up. Any way I got the Hog up and running finally and have started the long breakin period. And now we get another bunch of winter!
I know I haven't post anything for awhile but shit, man, life has me by the cajones and it don't feel all that good. Met my lawyer for the first time Tuesday and handed over that which was so hard to come up with, CASH. I hate to admit this but I had to file  for medicaid BUT, they are going to assist with yet another disability claim. To make this process a little more palatable, the woman handling my case is totally edible. I mean quite tasty looking and very nice. That makes it much better. And I started a part time job working for those wonderful folks with the great big indoor lumber yard and everyone wears those orange aprons. Part time and its fucking killin' me. Great people to work with, working in a department I know well, lumber and building materials. And don't break out with the jokes about wood either. But with my knees and back this isn't really the place for me to be. Gotta say thank God for vicodin once more. But I have manged to get two atta boys in the last 3 days so even being stoned and crippled I still do a good job. Well gotta get back to starin' at the walls, waitin' on the storm to hit, the axe to fall, the other shoe to drop. Try this on for size. Hogjaw, "That Dirty Woman"

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Walter Zoomie said...

Hang in there, brother. Do what you gotta do, and fuck anyone who gives you shit.

Edible? Ha! Must be a midwest thing. We used to say that too when referring to a winsome young lass we'd be more than happy we say...investigate with our sense of taste.