Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

65 years ago today my father came to this world. 19 years later he helped bring me into this world. Even though our minds didn't always agree, our hearts did. Dad, thanks for all you have done for me and all you have taught me.

More rain and cool weather today so none of the stuff I planned to do outdoors is getting done. So, I called my brother last night and we agreed to drive to Dad's this morning and see him on his birthday.
The weather guessers say this kind of weather will continue most of this week. We'll see how winter is going to shape up. It is said that the date of your first measurable snow is the number of snows you will get over the winter. Today is the 17th. We had measurable snow this morning. So....16 more?

I want to get a duty type holster for my XD45 as the XD gear holsters, while quite handy, are not for everyday use. I think I will finally settle on a Blackhawk Serpa. I will put that on a duty type belt with a double mag carrier, communication pouch, flashlight holder and maybe some other crap and use it for my quick response set up and kept in the bedroom along with the Mossberg 590.

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