Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Barry speaks, Daley blows and some good stuff.

Apparently, Barry doesn't think jail time for uninsured folks is quite right but fines and taxes are AOK. What a guy! NOT! The government has no authority to require anyone to purchase anything. That is a right that is reserved to the states as it is not an enumerated power in the Constitution. And don't hand me that "general duty clause" crap. Speaking of the Socialist Health Care mandate, the Dimocratic Senators are meeting with the headman of head (heheheh) Bill Clinton. As the county and western song goes...behind closed doors. That's right, the party that promised an open and fair government is having another meeting about something that will affect every one in this nation and those that that will be born in this nation, behind closed doors. Without any Republicans in the room. Is Bill giving the Dimocrats the "word"? A verbal spanking? Bribes? Or maybe tips on scoring with the staff. What ever this is , it is spelled w- r- o -n- g.

A blowhard anti gun mayor from an anti gun city says that the Second Amendment is behind the shooting at Fort Hood. That's right Mayor Daley of Chicago, blames a constitutional right on a terrorist attack. By a radicalized Muslim jihadist. What else could we expect from the head windbag from the windy city? Can we pick Chicago up and drop it next to Los Angeles?

Take a look at the latest version of the ubiquitous Ruger 10-22, the sr-22. Is that cool or what? Take a 10-22 action, cram it into an aluminum casting and wala! A totally tacticool 22 rifle. I might have to have one of these.

Cherry Pie asked me to teach her to shoot and now a friend of ours, who has guns but doesn't shoot, wants me to teach him also. I can't think of anything better to do....well OK, I can think of one. Hehehehehe.

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