Saturday, May 2, 2009

Guns, Bills and bikestuff

Got up early, made breakfast and went to storage 8 miles away, loaded up a couple of tables and boxes of motorcycle goodies and went to the swap meet that my cousin and I have started. Low and behold, after passing out a couple hundred flyers last fall and this spring, we were the only vendors and to make things better we were pretty much the only buyers. Hopefully the everchanging weather and undependable forecasts played the part of the culprit.

One of my neighbors has a Taurus Judge he wants to sell. This one has the cylinder for the 2.5 inch .410 shells.The gun, two partial boxes of .410 and a partial box of 45 Long Colt and a Blackhawk carbon fiber holster for around $525. Not a bad deal.

Well, Missouri does have the bullshit helmet bill on the Govnah's desk to be signed into LAW. I can't believe the crap that comes out of this state government. You will be able to ride in the most hazardous areas without a helmet but you MUST wear one in the least hazardous areas. How about the right to fully decide for ourselves? As another example of the Missouri governmental ineptitude, when we finally got concealed carry passed, the morons stipulated that you had to be 23 to carry. Let's see, vote at 18, enlist in the military at 18, buy alchohol at 21, carry a gun at 23. Well if no bs shenanigans happen in those august halls, we will see the carry age finally lowered to 21.

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