Monday, May 18, 2009

Squirrels, Ruger, Say It Ain't So

We have been busy haven't we? All us gun nuts doing what we do best, squirreling away all those guns. NICS records show that Americans, in the month of April purchased nearly 1.3 million firearms. That number of course, doesn't reflect the countless legal face to face individual transfers. And I can't seem to sell the two I want to move.

After promising to introduce a new platform Ruger has revealed....................Another AR! much like one you might part up in your work shop, they have all the latest aftermarket goodies as well as a gas piston upper like so many mfgs. are using now. So I ask ...where is the new platform? I don't have a problem with Ruger Firearms. I own a few and have owned several others. All great performers, all at a great price. But in this instance, where is the innovation? Oh, I forgot,they used up their innovation when they designed the LCP. Whoops, they just layed a Kel-Tec P-3AT on the copy machine for that one. Oh yeah, they might have emptied the innovation bucket with the LCR, their polymer framed revolver. How about the semi-auto .308 rifle called the X-GI they promised back in '84 or so and then dropped project. AR,AR,AR,AR, aaarrrgggghhhh.

Ol' VP Biden has made yet another slip of the tongue. This time it was the location of the sooper secrit VP bunker. While filling in for the absent Barry at the Gridiron Club Dinner, Say It Ain't So Joe told the world that this bunker is located deep under the VP residence. What a nut job! And this guy is second in line to hold the nuke keys! Sheesh! Maybe at another press dinner he can tell all about the location of other state secrets.

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