Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ammo and stuff

I wrote about the need to have a .22 in the house the other day. Well, you are going to need to feed that little popgun. I received a Cabelas coupon book in the mail yesterday and they have a sale on Federal .22 ammo. 2100 rounds, yes, yes 2100 for just under 80 bucks. That is 3.80 per hundred or 1.90 per 50. And it comes in a 15.00 dollar plastic ammo can. I had inventoried my .22 ammo yesterday and found my .22 stash to have over 3 thousand rounds and I can guarantee I paid a lot more than 80 dollars for 2100 of them. Look at ammo prices and availability and you will agree this is a deal. They also have a case of Winchester shotshells for under 60 dollars. 71/2 or 8 shot, 12 or 20 gauge, 10 boxes to the case 6 dollars a box. It's been a while since I bought shotshells but I would think this is a good deal. Both of these sales require a coupon. So lay your hands on a coupon and get bunch of ammo on the cheap.

I met a dealer at the gunshow that had a great deal on a pistol I am wanting. Springfield Armory XD 45 Tactical. This pack had the gun, 4 magazines, all the XD gear, a second XD holster and a spare recoil spring and guide rod all in a Springfield Armory hard case Just over 6 hundred dollars. Of course I had to sell 2 guns to buy this and didn't get it done. AND I forgot to go back and get CONTACT info before I left! HIA syndrome being manifested.

I have always admired old 22 rifles and have a couple of them. This gun show had Winchester 1890's, 1906's, and '62's as well as Remington model 12's coming out of the wood work. I even found a Marlin pump 22 with a hex barrel. Talk about drooling. I should have had a mop with me.

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