Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Firearm Basic

There are many, many types, styles and calibers of firearms that a person should have in there house. The most basic and and essential is the .22 rimfire. Every house should have at least one. My house has 6 .22 rifles and 4 .22 handguns. I consider the .22 to be as necessary as the salt in your kitchen. Cheap to buy and cheap to feed, they won't put a big dent in your wallet, unless you desire a truly fine example. Single shots, pump actions, bolt action repeaters, semi-autos and revolvers are all available in .22 rimfire. 22's are easy to learn on and and easy to teach with. They have low recoil and a low report. When you get down to it they are just plain fun. With a couple of the semi-autos there is a whole industry that has developed for supplying aftermarket accessories. Most of the .22s are reasonably accurate and many are exceptionally accurate. One of mine is squirrel head accurate out to 50 yards or more. The .22, as we know it, has been used since about 1857 for hunting and target shooting and when that is all that is available, defense. Try taking a child or a friend or better yet, a new shooter out plinking or even formal target shoot'n and you'll have a blast. So getcha one............................ or a dozen!

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