Monday, April 13, 2009

We can all take a lesson from this guy. Watch maker turns gunfighter. He went from a person willing to let others handle his safety to a survivor in a very short time. There are far to many people who are willing to let others provide what they themselves should be willing to do which is defend themselves. While Mr. Thomas has learned to take care of his own life he has, by his own words removed himself from society. A person who is truly free in all ways would not lock themselves away but continue normal life with a defensive posture.

Hunting season! Well, not what you think. But I do wonder if there is a bag limit.

Here is another law enforcement document that has been leaked. It resembles the Missouri MIAC crap but this time it comes from the Feds. Will we ever wise up and demand an end to the use of our hard earned dollars going to this kind of bs.

All the rain lately got me to thinking about a vehicle I used to have. Back in 92-94 I had a '78 Ford Bronco. This was a great big ol' thing with a 4 inch lift and 35 inch tires. This ride had a badass 351M with a C-6 tranny all turning a 9 inch nodular rear diff and a Dana 44 front both stuffed with 3.50 gears. 31 spline axle turned the wheels. Man! This thing would rip through a mud pit or dirt/mud road. Once I hauled myself and 5 other hunters over a mile through a freshly disked field that had received over 5 inches of rain overnight. Coming out we had the same load plus 4 deer. NO problem. The thing is, I also got 15 mpg on the highway from this rolling brick. I sure do miss that truck.

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