Sunday, April 19, 2009

First the little stuff.

The gunshow is coming, the gunshow is coming! April 25, 26 at the KCI Expo Center Kansas City Missouri. Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 9-3. There will be 400 tables and about 40,000 people.
I am thinking of trading my Tec-DC9 for a Springfield XD Tactical in 45. The tactical has the 5 inch barrel for a longer sight radius. The XDM looks good but is is not in 45 yet only in 9 and 40.


I have posted on the states sovereignty movement in the past now, that leftist moonbat Rachel Maddow is comparing that to the Confederacy. As if that is a derogative term. Maybe she should read the Constitution before she comments on Constitutional matters. She is just another mouth piece for Chairman Maobama. Rachel, honey, read the Constitution then, try to say that state sovereignty is a Confederacy thing. It's a Constitutionally recognized Right. While succession is not a constitutional right the states do have the right to create a new government. Since the Constitution is a contract with the States and the USG has not abided with the contract, is the contract now null?

While on the ass kissing trip to the Great? country of Mexico, Maobama meet with Calderon several times. Afterwards a reporter asked if Maobamas campaign promise to reinstate the assault weapons ban was still a promise, Maobama had this to say:
"Well, first of all we did discuss this extensively in our meetings. I have not backed off from my belief that the gun- the assault weapon ban made sense." And to paraphrase he also said that everyone knows it would be hard to get a gun ban passed right now.
Calderon one upped The Great Leader with this statement:
"one more thing, one more thing I forgot to mention. One other thing we can do is to track the weapons that we have in Mexico. If we manage to detect weapons sold illegally in the United States in violation of this law on the control of weapons exports, or if, in the United States, they can probably move forward on a good registration of armaments or on the prohibition of certain massive sales of weapons, for example, to a hunter or to a common citizen, we know that those people do not usually buy hundreds of rifles or assault weapons or grenades, if we can move forward in those areas, I do believe that the security of both the United States and Mexico will improve because those weapons are pointing against Mexican people and Mexican officials today."
WOW! Does anyone know anyone that buys hundreds of rifles at a time? Or does any one know where to pick up hundreds of assault weapons and grenades? And I bet the Great Leader stood there with a shit eating grin on his face the whole time. You and I cannot buy grenades, not one or hundreds. You and I cannot buy hundreds of assault weapons because they are under strict control and basically there is a fixed amount of fully auto assault weapons due to governmental regulation which has driven the cost of one sample into the stratosphere. And supposedly we the people are buying them buy the hundreds, shipping them to Mexico and receiving the whopping sum of 50 bucks each (that's about the cost to purchase an fully auto AK from China when the bad guys illegally buy a container load of them delivered to the Mexican docks). Give me a break! If the drug cartels are using fully auto weapons of US origin then they came from the USG via donations to the Mexican government.

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