Monday, April 13, 2009

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The Constitution has an emminent domain clause in it that was intended to be used for the creation of roads, sewers and other needed infrastructure. This clause has been perverted by developers who are assisted with a crooked court to allow this Constitutional clause to be used to snatch peoples homes and farms so that shopping centers and big box stores can be built. The crazy logic to this is the new business provides more taxes that can be used for building the needed infrastructure. Now there has been a movie available for about a year called "Begging For Billionaires: The Attack on Property Rights in America". This movie is slated to brought to the big screen soon. Philip Klein of Kansas city is the producer who says that good ol' MO is the wost offender in the US. The movie puts its focus on the State of Missouri.

I recently had a set of XS Sights 24/7 Express Big Dot tritium sights installed on my carry gun. These sight are amazing for their fast aquisition and for such a wide open sight they are suprisingly accurate. Designed for short range work and used in such a setting I have been able to keep double and triple taps as well as rapid fire full mags under 2 inches at the CCW testing range of 7 yards. As Mikey said...Try it you'll like it!

My wifes boss gave me as a gift, a bottle of Herradura Anejo Tequila. Veeerrry nice. Great for plain old sipping, this tequila is smooth and flavorful. I won't go into the hints of this-n-that and what finish it has but believe me it's a good drinking liquor. At the 2007 World Spirits Competion in San Francisco this tequila won double gold.

With all the anger, denial, refusals and accusations over the recently disclosed Missouri MIAC document, I was amazed at this revelation. Alan Pettet, a retired truck driver and Vietnam Veteran, has recruited 18 men to form a citizens militia to provide law enforcement when the city of Stockton, California lays off at least 43 police officers. The city vows to fight this constitutional group and the militia and their lawyer say bring it on.

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