Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Mayo? Not For Me,Thanks.

As most people are aware, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated as the Mexican Independence day. Thanks to the efforts of the major breweries and millions of illegal criminal immigrants, it has become a significant holiday in this country. It offers an excuse to skip out of work, school and the responsibilities of life for a day. CDM is not an officially recognised holiday but as with most of the participants, it is an illicit holiday. Lately it has become an excuse for rioting, destruction of property and arson. Now it has become an excuse for authorities to violate the first amendments freedoms of students. Several students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, Kalifornia were sent home for, brace yourself, wearing clothing with depictions of......the American Flag on them. On Cinco de Mayo! How could they? The shame! The hypocrisy is what I say. We are forced to put up with millions of illegals every day, we are forced to sift through instruction in multiples of languages, we are forced to press one for English on the telephone, we are disqualified for jobs if we don't speak Spanish, we are forced to tolerate ethic organizations in schools, jobs and government but if any one tries to start up a Caucasian students union or the white congressional caucus, or the white mayors group, we are immediately branded as a racist, a bigot, a hater. Well all I can offer as a remedy is take your minor holiday back to Mexico and stay there with it. If you come to this country forget about making your homelands holiday one of ours. If you want to be American then do it, be American.

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