Monday, May 17, 2010

M14 Stock II. E2 modified.

Today I got pictures of the M14 stock I'm working on. It now appears to be a real E2 stock that has been trimmed up and patched up a little.

Notice the M16 A1 shape to the buttstock as well as the contoured pistol grip. This is a very good feeling stock.

Just above the pistol grip you can see a vertical line and a faint horizontal line. This is where a wooden patch has been installed. The dark blob is a filler of some sort.

In this picture you can see a narrow horizontal line that delineates the front of the patch. You can also see the selector switch plug on the right. Unfortunately the existing patch appears to be something other than birch or walnut. The stock itself appears to be a light colored walnut.
I think when I'm done this will have a DuraCoat finish in a tiger stripe pattern. In my eyes, waayyy cooool. There will be more to come as I get further along.

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