Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Decline

It has been tossed around that the Social Security system will be bankrupt by 2016. By 2016 all of you collecting a check and all of you that expect to collect a check might be in trouble. The problem is though, this year Social Security says they will pay out more than they take in. That's right, more going out than is coming in. In my mind this is the real start of the end. To continue paying all those millions of monthly checks the Government will have to borrow more money from foreign governments or have their buddies at the Federal Reserve make loans so the federal printing presses can run 24/7 which will devalue the dollar even further resulting in massive inflation. At the same time we are embarking on a misguided journey with a national health care bill that will end up costing trillions that we don't currently have and will not ever have unless once again we borrow more dollars from, again, foreign countries and/or run the federal printing presses even faster creating even more inflation and devaluation of the FRN (Federal Reserve Note) Do your self a favor and use the worthless dollars in your possession now and trade it in on real money. Silver coins, gold coins. Real constitutional money. A lot of financial advisors tell us that gold is not a wise investment but if that were true why does every nation in the world have massive stockpiles of gold bullion?

Tis' The Season

Spring is here and there are many thing everyone needs to do. Consider putting in a garden, as large as you can manage. Learn to preserve any of your extra produce. Tune up your lawn and garden equipment. Repack your GOOD (get out of dodge) bags. Replace any batteries in flashlights, smoke detectors and other items. Check and clean all your firearms. Do a detailed summary of all you stored items and make a list of other items to buy. With the nice weather, get outside an let the sun shine on you. Go fishing. Go biking. Wash all the winters accumulation of salt and sand off all your vehicles. Change the tires if you run winter only tires. Spring is the time for renewal and rejuvenation so get with it.

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