Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Done For Now

The Rock Island Armory .45 that is. I got all the major pieces Dura Coated, the feed ramp polished, an Ed Brown trigger installed and all re-assembled. Due to finances, I have to wait on the stainless hammer, grip safety and mainspring housing. But it is lookin' good! I had some issues this morning getting the sear assembly installed. They make it look so easy on the AGI video. I finally got it done though. I'll be glad to tote this instead of the boat anchor of an XD 45 I've had filling in for my carry piece. I got my Dad's Marlin model 60 done too. Installed a new inner mag tube, detailed cleaned it and mounted a 1 inch scope on it. I also got him a couple of magazines for his 10/22. Happy Fathers Day Dad!

Wyoming Challenge

Speaking of guns, Wyoming just issued their own 10 amendment proclamation. Now they have a law in place that says any federal officers trying to enforce federal firearm laws in Wyoming can be arrested, tried and sentenced to two years in prison and or 2 thousand dollars in fines. Talk about a slap down. I wish good ol' MO. would sprout a pair and get our own law like that on the books. It looks like the USG is gonna have their hands full with all the Tenth challenges they are seeing.

Low Volume Content

With all the time we have been spending at the new house and given that my Son is home on leave I haven't been posting much lately. Either dog tired or very busy( I was up at 5:30 to work on the gun). That's the way it's been lately. Tomorrow we are going to take a tour of the Boulevard Beer Brewery and eat lunch somewhere.

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