Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Battle Starts

There are 14 states that are bringing suit against the Federal Government over the Healthcare mandate. As expected, I have been hearing the tired old story that the Government has the right to enforce this bank busting law due to the commerce clause in the Constitution. What complete and total bullshit. That clause has been stretched so far and thin it's a wonder it hasn't snapped. "To regulate (make standard) Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian Tribes" In that same section it says that the congress must "coin" money. Not create it from thin air. It also says that congress shall not fund an army for more than 2 years. All this can be found in Article 1 section 8 of the Constitution. Look it up.

House Plan

We are rapidly running out of funds for this project. A grand here, a few grand there makes it go very quickly. We have found and applied for two grants and another will open in April that we will apply for. So we have our fingers crossed at this point. The furnace is in and running with over half of the duct work installed. Some of the electrical work is done and Cherry Pie has a nice walk in closet framed in. Cabinets are ordered but, we got them from Lowes instead of Cabinets To Go or Kansas City Cabinets Direct. Lowes could provide the size of pantry we wanted and we had a nice discount with them.. Windows are ordered and we are waiting on delivery. So you can see all the major stuff is bought. Now come the part that nickle and dimes you to death. Great.


Son is back home and is already on a ship for a short det. His major deployment keeps getting put further and further back. Consequently, daughter in laws cruise gets longer and longer.

Ann Coulter (the Goddess) was shut out of the building she was going to speak in at Ottawa Canada. Rocks and stick were thrown. The police were barred from responding. Blogs called for her death and the Parliament spoke poorly of her. Reminiscient of Michael Savages problem with the UK. Where he is banned. Fuck all those British countries.

The Health Care bill is now law. But not for the law makers. They still get their "cadillac" plans.

New saying....Come November, We'll remember.

It seems that several bricks have been thrown through several windows in protest over the health care law passage.

It costs much more to live in LA than it does Missouri. Fact. 63,000 dollars/frn California is about 28,000 dollars/frn Missouri.

Playing hard in your youth makes you a worn out adult. Ask me.

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