Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Congressional Circus Is In Town

We've been watching that horror show called the House of Representatives. Representative? Who do they think they are representing? All polls indicate that the healthcare bill as it stands, is widely unacceptable to a large majority of Americans. My thoughts are, if a Congressional district is largely against the healthcare overhaul like we are seeing and that districts Representative votes for it, the district should recall the Representative and his vote should be discounted. If he did not vote the wishes of his constituents then he is not doing his job. And if the job is not being done then the vote cannot, should not count. Thank God the fall elections are approaching faster than we really want, but at least we'll be getting rid of a whole bunch of imperious fools known as liberals. Liberals who have long ago left the human race to become, in their minds, demigods. Demigods with all the power to impose their will on all the serfs of their fiefdom. I urge any one with a Representative that votes contrary to your districts wishes, to take it up with the Representative personally. As said frequently on the Sipsey Street Irregulars, break their windows. I prefer arms and craniums but hey, to each his own. Ahm, a honin' ma' blade and loadin' ma' rifle guns. Nah, just looking at them fondly and dreaming of a better place.
At least the President and his motley collection of 216 fools are going to be met with multiple court challenges as soon as pen touches paper. Florida, Idaho, Virginia and others are prepared to file suit against the Feds to have the healthcare bill declared unconstitutional. As in not in the Federal mandate, as in not an enumerated power. And don't give me that general duty clause bullshit either. We're on to that particular little game that has been foisted on us for decades.
As usual we heard a whole bunch of Dimocrats speaking against the healthcare bill but, when the rubber meets the road, they vote party line. Liars and charlatans every one of them.

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