Monday, March 22, 2010


Welcome Comrades! Hail to the Great ONE! This glorious morning we start that long journey that leads us further and further into socialism. We had an abortion delivered on the floor of the House last night and our liberal, marxist, socialistic, would be president is all set to sign this travesty. Seven states are poised to file lawsuits against the federal government over this theft of the Americans right to choice, to decide, to live free of government intrusion into our lives. We are now under the thumb of the Government as they will now direct every aspect of our health. From providing service to deciding if you are worth the expense of life. Yes, Sarah Palins death panels ARE in the bill/law. Yes, you will be fined for not buying insurance. Yes, you will be ordered to buy insurance. Yes, the IRS is hiring nearly 17,000 agent to police the peoples purchase of insurance. Yes, the IRS will fine you for non-compliance. Yes you can go to jail for not complying. So yes, we are now subjects of a despot. The only shining light is that subjects have been known to rise and remove the despot. The time to rise is now. Right now. Remove EVERY Democrat from office this fall and in 2012. Every fucking one of them. We as a people must start holding our electorate accountable for their actions. Dig up any dirt on any one of them, publish that info. Get pictures of them in compromising situations. File lawsuits against them until they are broke and destitute. Fund their political opponents as much as you can afford. Run for office and call them out to answer for their actions. It's time for real Americans to take this country back.

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