Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Private Army

One of the little things included in the Health care Law is not so little. Hardly anything in this law is little. Massive is more like it. Any way, the law has a provision it to allow the creation of a new governmental corps. It's called the Ready Reserve Corps. Just what we really need, another government group to do the bidding of the the government. We have FBI, US Marshall's, DIA, CIA, NSA, DHS and now the RRC. So in effect, Obama created his own private police force. Instead of jobs. Oh yeah, 16,500 jobs were created for the IRS... to monitor our compliance with the law. Let's see. The government took over the health care industry and we will be forced to purchase their coverage. The government owns 60 percent of GM, will the government force us to buy GM products under the general duty and commerce clause as well?

Mexico Wants What?

The President of Mexico, a country whose primary export is humans, wants the US to re-instate the so called assault weapon ban cause we are, ya know, responsible for all the violence in Mexico now. The drug cartels can buy a whole container of AK's from China for the cost of a few AR15s. But it's our highly expensive firearms that are causing the violent out breaks in that third world country. Does their President also smoke crack? He must, to come up with this bullshit. Or maybe the UN is putting him up to it. The UN really wants the US to sign up for their small arms anti-proliferation treaty. Let's see, they say guns are coming across their border and it's our fault? We need to remind Mexico that they are sending millions of illegal immigrant to our country every year. If they stop that invasion maybe we will try to stem the flow of firearms into their pathetic, destitute, crooked little country.

A Militia?

You have probably heard that the FBI and several local pd's raided a militia in three states. A militia? A militia of 9 people? That's less than a squad. More like a patrol. And they sound more like a bunch of bubbas that all go to their own brand of church and bs about all they would like to do and shoot guns to top it off. I will say, if you are a shooter and you fall in with a group like this leave immediately. My biggest question is how far did the FBI informant "embedded" with this "militia" push them? What this has done is put the word militia in the minds of all law enforcement again and put a bad connotation with it again, just like in the 90's. So folks if you're going out shooting, make sure you know all your shooting buddies and for crying out loud don't wear camouflage to the range and don't give yourself a goofball name. Oh, yeah, try to keep your group below 9. That seems to be the trigger point for being declared a "militia". Nine. The Feebies are pulling out all stops, even dragging out the sedition charge. Sedition? How long has it been since anyone was charged with that? And weapons of mass destruction? Didn't we invade a country over that? And now 9 morons are building them here? So a pipe bomb is a WMD now? So plumbing supplies would be precursory materials now right? Will there be a registration of all plumbing supply providers and UN check points and searches of all semis that could be transporting plumbing supplies? They're really stretching the point on this one.

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