Monday, April 5, 2010

He's from Where?


I know it's been a few days but I just had to get this out before I go back to sheet rock repairs.

In a remarkable admission during a speech, Michelle Obama came out with a shocking revelation. Confirming the claim of all those "birthers" that are constantly derided in the media, Presidential Wifey says that Kenya is Obamas home country! Take a gander at this video while its still available.

Wow! Did she say what I thought I heard her say? Will this get any traction in the the lawsuits that seek to compel Obama to actually show proof of citizenship in the USA? So, it turns out that he wasn't born in Hawaii like he says and Hawaii says and all those libtards say. No wonder the Big O has spent over 800,000 clams to hide his birth records.

This is what Kenya has to say about the whole issue.

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