Friday, April 16, 2010

One Step Forward And Two Steps.......

That's what I feel like when working on this house we bought. I had the kitchen near ready to paint and then we had a driving thunderstorm that forced water through the semi-open outer wall of the kitchen getting the floor wet. Stop! Regroup! Move outside! So, I installed exterior sheathing over the "bump out" of the kitchen, got it sealed up and primed prior to the rain moving in last night. My father in law was in the kitchen working on the electricity and he comes to me and says, "you aren't going to like this but...." . We had to tear out the lower 4 feet of sheet rock to access the wiring as it appeared an idiot wired the place. So to make sure we had it wired right and safe we took out four feet of rock on two walls. Oh well, it had to be done. I sprayed the yard for offending weeds and dandelions. It appears as though the stuff I sprayed was plant food, judging by the number of weeds and dandelions that have sprung up. Well at least everyone says we will have a really neat house when we get done. It is a very unique structure for this area. Kind of a 1960's California contemporary style. We will keep moving along and one day we will be living in it. The semi-good news is a man called us and he and his business partner want to come by our current home with the idea of purchasing it to flip. We'll see how this works out.

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