Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Million Green Cards

Are you out of work? Unemployed? Under employed? You'll be glad to know the Obama administration has issued a million green cards. That's a million more folks trying to get jobs that the millions of struggling, unemployed, legal Americans are trying to secure. Be sure to thank them in the next election.

B.A.G. Day

Well Buy A Gun Day (April 15) has come and gone and I didn't buy any guns. Not that there aren't any I'm wantin' it's just that any new shooters don't fit into the tight budget. I think BAG Day is a great way to protest tax day. File your tax form, buy a gun. What a sweet idea! Mark it on your calendar for next year, April 15, buy a gun.

Taxation Without Representation

Every one knows that taxes are collected from your payroll. And you know about local taxes and state taxes and personal property taxes. But think of all the other taxes, sales tax on everything you buy, city stickers and gas taxes, FICA, unemployment taxes, environmental fees, universal telephone taxes. Fines and penalties are just another form of taxation. We will have the grandaddy of all taxes with the Health Care Bill. Add up all the taxes you pay in one form or another and I would bet you are missing nearly 50 percent of your hard earned wages. I have discussed this with may people and I'm shocked at how many folks think that's OK. I guess the re-education program has worked. How can a sane person think that it's reasonable or even legal to involuntarily surrender half of your wealth every year. The folks that think this is OK also think that it's fine to penalizes people that make lots of money. Unless it's themselves or their children. They think if you start a business and sell a product and even employ many people and eventually earn a tidy profit, you should be taxed a a rate of 50% or greater. They think it's all right to tax you for creating jobs, giving people the means to survive and making money for your own self. Without exception, everyone that has told me this is a Democrat. Surprise, surprise.

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