Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holy Cow!

What a week it's been! Unemployment came to an end, so we are taking a pretty good cut in our salary. Contrary to what the pseudo president has to say, the job situation is NOT getting any better. I need to put up my flyers for lawn mowing service to try and generate a little income but, everyone is mowing grass at this time. I had to change track on the house we bought as the kitchen wall has developed a leak from where the drunken/high past owner tore off the siding and installed foam insulation but no exterior sheathing. So...that's what I'm doing now. Maybe I can get back on course and get the plan of attack going. The good news is that we applied for a grant and found out that we have been approved. This will go a long way towards improvements in the new place. Cherry Pie had to go to the county assessors office this morning as they have been taxing this property as a 153,000 dollar home. She took pictures and the papers showing that we paid 27 thousand for it. The county is going to lower the assessed rate. So, I'm mowing the first paying yard of the year and I hit a freakin' I beam that was driven into the ground and cut off just about at grass level. The mower has another bent crank. ^#^%*&%&&! Thankfully, when I bent the crank last year I had a new motor installed and it renewed the warranty on the mower. So it shouldn't cost much but labor. To top it off both of our cell phones went on the fritz. Mine started showing a white screen and when in that situation, would not let you use the phone. In addition it started calling people on it's own! It called my niece and an hour or so later it called my mother with NO assistance from me, so tonight we had to get new phones. What a hassle. As I said, what a week it's been.

What's Been Going On?

With all the work and running I've been doing I haven't even listened to the news. The only thing I've heard is Barry has bowed to another world leader. Does he feel subservient to all the leaders of the world? Is he a boot licker and a forelock puller as well? My gosh, he's supposed to be the leader of the most powerful nation on earth and he freaking bows his way around the world.

What I've Done

The question is asked frequently both here and on another site, what have you done to improve you preparedness? Well to tell the truth with our income short and getting shorter, we haven't done much for a while. On this latest trip to Sam's Club, we laid in an extra case of TP and 2 extra cases of paper towels. That is all we could do but those thing do come on handy and do have a place in anyones inventory. Oh, I almost forgot, I started turning up a garden spot at the new house. Maybe I can get it done in time to put potatoes in the ground. They should have been in already but in this area it has been too wet and muddy. I also have a 1/2 dozen tomato plants coming from a friend so at least we'll have taters and 'maters.

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