Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Neighborhood Or the Death of Life

I live in the east Bottoms of Kansas City Missouri. It's a heavily commercialized area with a small residential area tucked in to the fringes. This locale has been here for over 100 years and used to be a thriving immigrant community with stores, beer halls, schools and huge fields of market vegetables that were sold locally. Now however, there is one convenience store, no schools, one beer halls/music venue, one dinner and no farms.

What we have is low income folks trying to survive. In addition we have scumbags that seem to come from Kansas City's East side, homeless vagrants that live along the river and assorted low life individuals that will not pass up a chance to steal. Two night ago I came home to find 2 cop cars, one paddy wagon, an ambulance and a fire truck parked in front of my residence. A man had caused a disturbance in the convenience store two doors up from me and the cops arrested him for stealing. Then last night I passed by one business and there were cops and security guards all over the place. As I turned the corner into my alley I saw 2 more cop cars, an ambulance and a fire truck going down a street 2 blocks away. On the street my step fathers brother lives on. I found out this morning that his brothers house was were all those vehicle were going because, my step fathers brother was murdered last night. He was a nice man with a gruff personality who had dealt with low lifes in his business. It was an all cash business too. Yet, no cash was taken. No apparent reason for this heinous act as of yet. My heart cries for my step dad and my mom. This will be a very trying time for them.


Brian Buckman said...

My condolences for your loss sir.

Dean Carder said...

thank you kind sir.