Monday, March 3, 2014

To Low and Too High

I woke up this morning to -7 degrees. Negative Seven! No telling what the windchill might have been. We are up to a balmy -2 now. In the last 3 months I have spent over a grand on the electric bill. Yes, you read that right a fucking grand. On an 1100 hundred dollar a month budget.  Hamburger around here is over 3 dollars a pound but I can get nice pork chops for lest than 2.70 per pound and a bag of chicken tenders for 7 dollars. So, when I eat meat it's chicken or pork. I mean a freaking chuck roast is right around 25 dollars now. So no more Sunday roasts. Any way you can't go wrong with pork and chicken. I just made a badass spicy fried chicken sandwich. Mmm, mmm good. I never thought that hamburger would cost more that pork chops. But hey, I'm forcing myself to eat 'em. Uh Huh, forcing myself. Well I gotta go make some more money for the damn electric bill. I have to do something before next winter to reduce the electric bill. Insulation, or a coal stove or something 'cause this is crazy. Or move to Florida. Or Georgia. Or back to Texas. Some damn thing.

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