Saturday, March 1, 2014

Soup and Muffins

We have been having weather that held the promise of spring for the last week or so and now it seems that winter is leaving like a lion. Today the temps are in the teens for the high and there is a light snow falling. 4 to 8 inches is forecast for Sunday and the windchill is horrible. So with the chill in my bones this morning and a hunger in my belly I made a pot of vegetable stew for my evening meal. Ever so tasty, filling and cheering of the spirit. While it was bubbling away I mixed up some blueberry muffins, nothin' special, just a Martha White mix, they came out very nice. Golden and crusty with a multitude of tiny blueberries. I washed all that down with a glass of cranberry juice.

Entertainment on this frosty evening includes another reading of the book,  "Lights Out". Good food and a good book. Now I just need a good woman to share evenings like this with. And I'm working on that issue too. A nice looking woman from my local grocery store is still a work in progress. I did have a nice conversation with her last night at the store and that headed us in the right direction. I gotta say, she is fine looking and seems to be very nice too.

I know I need to do some house work.


Stephen said...

Hope it all works to your benefit, Bubba. Muffins look great.

Dean Carder said...

Thanks Stephen! The muffins were great and the soup too. Hope fully the blonde will just as good and nice.