Friday, February 28, 2014

Buddy No More

I adopted the bulldog in the previous post with high hopes. But it seems that after living his whole life in a box his social skills were not developed. He was not house trained. I had to set a schedule to take him out side as he would just up and piss with now warning or asking to go out. He had, what I perceived as, separation anxiety issues as well. Even after a trip out side, if I did not give him attention for the time it takes to brush my teeth he would piss in the floor. If I too 45 seconds to go upstairs and grab a pair of sock, he would piss in the floor. He got upset because I was washing dishes and not paying attention to his so he pissed on the floor. he was getting destructive also. I no longer have trim around my kitchen or back doors. The wall near the back door has the starting of a hole in it. I came home one day to find the bifolding bathroom door knocked off the track and a pile of dog shit on the bathroom floor. This dog was also VERY needy. Clingy. Wanted all my attention ALL the time whick made it difficult to put my boots on, eat a meal, take a shower, anything. And top it all off, this dog or breed, I don't know which, is not intelligent and he/they are slow and inactive. The only thing he got excited for is eating. No playing, no rough housing no nothing, just pissing, eating and shitting. So with return agreement in place I made the call and delivered the chunky little piss pot back to his previous enablers. The enablers insist that if I had ha dog crate all this could have been avoided. I think not.
I guess this is what happens when you keep a dog in a box like a toy only to be taken out when it suits you.

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