Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The M94 Project Revived

A long time ago, to far back than it should have been, I started a refinish of my fathers 30/30 Winchester. This is the one that got laid under a bed then got rained on and ignored for awhile. It had some major pitting on the barrel and some minor on the magazine tube. I spent many hours filing the barrel by hand, filing the magazine tube. Anyway I got all the that done and then we went to Virginia and came home and started using my limited work space as a refinishing and home improvement work center, then I had joint issues and so on and so forth. I got back to working on this gun last week then Cherry Pie took over the space once again. Now, I'm back at it.

Here is the whole mess on my improvised work bench.

I ended up filing the receiver too as it was dished and wouldn't match the bluing I use (Brownells Oxpho Blue) This took a lot of filing to make a nice flat surface. Every thing is polished to 600 grit and I believe that is as far as I'm going.

The wood is fitted to the metal and it too was sanded to 600 then buffed with 4 aught steel wool. It will eventually get a slight stain and rubbed many times with linseed oil. Due to some factory issues with the wood not all wood to metal interfaces are seamless. I usually take pride in making the joints absolutely perfect so that no seam can be felt. But even with some wood too low to repair it is looking good.

Here is the bottom of the butt stock where the tang is inletted into it. Notice the gap in the upper right curve? There is no taking that out without doing a whole bunch of relieving of the front end of the stock.

This is all the major bits and pieces, polished and waiting for some bluing.

I know the pictures are not the best in the world but Hey, I gotta work with what I got. Hand polishing really stimulates the arthritis in my shoulders and the stooping over does a number on my lower back too. Pain aside, this is the one hobby I love doing the most.

More pics to come as I make more progress. The marathon of polishing yesterday just about did my shoulders in, so there is no telling what will get accomplished on it today.


Stephen said...

Nice work. I'm sure she'll be a beauty when you're finished.

Sport Pilot said...

Mix up a small batch of accra glass with some woodstain and glass in the stock to the tang. It will be a strong fit without any gap's. The magazine tube is one of those easily replaced item's and sometime's that's a better route to take. Also, with reciever and barrel pitting you can sometimes have filler material welded in before any file work is done. This can either be a good thing or a pain, it depend's. Really good workmanship on your part.

Dean Carder said...

Thanks Stephen! Sport Pilot, I have used acraglass before but this is a freebie and I don't have the money to blow to use a tiny bit of acraglass. All the filing is done and no need to buy new parts or do any welding.Thanks for the compliment!