Friday, July 20, 2012

Another tragedy

My brothers and sisters in the fight for freedom, I'm sorry to say there has been another mass shooting.This time in a theatre. Not a school but a theatre showing then newest Batman saga. Different venue for a mass shooting but true to form. What form you ask? Our government is at this moment sucking the tit of globalism and working with the UN to strip our right to own, carry and use firearms. Think back through out violence ridden past. What precedes nearly every mass shooting in this country? A discussion on more firearms laws and restrictions. I don't have any empirical data for you but it sure seems to me that this is the way our world has been working. Problem, reaction , solution. Over and over again. It is strange indeed.New laws on the tail of, usually, the lives of children. Are these acts done by drug addled, basement video gamers with bent minds or is there a darker more sinister aspect to this pattern?
Pray for the families of the victims, pray for the emergency workers that have to deal with this horrible scene. Lives will be affected, one way or another, for years due to this latest national tragedy.


Stephen said...

Its indeed a shame. 'They' never blame the man involved, it's always the firearms fault.

Dean Carder said...

Indeed. I find it incomprehensible that all these shooting timed with upcoming laws and legislation are not connected.