Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Deny Who?

Wow! I just read a posting by a woman who believes that anyone that gets ANY form of check from the government should be barred from voting. She believes that anyone who gets a check from the government will vote to keep those checks coming in. Hmm.
I have been on unemployment a couple times. This last time was for an extended period of time. I am currently trying to get disability. From a system that I have paid untold dollars into by the way.
And ya know what? I have never, not once, voted democratic. Never once cheered on a liberal. Never once drank from the smiling Kool Aid pitcher of liberalism. I am a RonPaulian, a threeper, a prepper And I vote conservative EVERY fucking time.
Would this woman make payments on a car but then not use the car? Would she make payments on a house but live in the streets? I really doubt it. So she expects I and anyone who has worked, toiled their way to some semblance of success, paid gobs of taxes and voted for a party that is big business to the core, not use the benefit of all those years of payments? How foolish was her statement. Yes, I have a problem with folks using a system that they have never paid into. I have a problem with folks that procreate only in an effort to get mo' money. Mo' money to get things they have never worked a day in their life to get. They that have a entitlement belief. I am, therefore I shall get paid. Yeah, I have a problem with that. But for a certain antiquarian to say that anyone that gets a check should check out of the voting system is pure, unadulterated horse shit.


Anonymous said...

Disabled Vet here - I get my monthly gummint check - but then again I put in 30+ so I reckon I earned it. IF the lady who came up with this idea had put some sort of qualifier on it - something like if it is plain old welfare (ie an 'entitlement') then I might tend to agree with her.........

Dean Carder said...

she want to include all military personel active, retired or disabled as well. Yeah her and the horse sho rode in on.