Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm Baaack!

Whew! It's been a while since I've used the computer. We have Verizon as our provider and we have a 5kg ? limit. Well, as mentioned before I've found a couple of places that post online novels and stories. I got wrapped up in a couple of multi part novels that used up a significant portion of our Internet allotment and then Microsoft took over to do some "upgrades" and tied up the service for HOURS.
  Cherry got a new phone and with Verizon's new integrated data plan we now have 6 whatevers of service. Not that we really need it. This is the first time we have exceeded our limit. But, anyway we now have more time, unlimited text and some other electronic goodies that they entice you with.

Here's the latest rant on my disability ruling. I got a determination letter on my appeal for a denied disability claim. Wait for it, DENIED. WTF? After being told I was a very credible witness, being told I was unemployable I was then told that by letter that some of my testimony was discounted because my doctor failed it put some information in my medical records. The Judge also discounted his professional witness' finding that said I was unemployable. I am not disabled because I use only ONE cane, I turned down additional treatment (that I don't have the money to pay for), I was turned down because my DR, didn't write in the record that my medications cause me to fall asleep for a couple hours every day, I was turned down due to my slim current medical record(the one that I can barely afford to pay for) and the finally I was turned down due to my...AGE! It is illegal for any one to use age as a basis for anything but the government can use age as a determining  factor? I was turned down because the state doctors they sent me to lied and omitted information from the exams they did on me. All this from a man that has been paid by the taxpayer for most of his life and shows up in court dripping with gold chains, a large gold watch with giant gold chain bracelet and finally a pair of glasses that were the most outrageous that I have ever seen. I had to get semi-dressed up for this appearance yet the ruling official can come in dressed like a successful pimp?
Now, I have to go to a job retraining program. I have worked at everything from a janitor to a project manager of a ten million dollar project. And they want to retrain me? For what? The issue at hand is no one wants to hire a white man approaching fifty, that walks on a cane, takes handfuls of medications and has a background that usually exceeds their own and is considered un-insurable. I have worked since I was 15, I have paid into the system since I was 18. I have a broken down body due, in part, to my hard working past. Yet I am denied any of the benefits that I have accrued. Am I mad? What do you think?

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