Monday, July 2, 2012

I Was Born A Poor White Child

A while back I went to a administrative appeal for a disability claim I made. The Judge was entertaining and made the process easy. Today I got the letter with the results of the appeal.
Let's just say life just got a lot harder for me. In the hearing they have an occupational specialist, my lawyer, a court reporter and the judge. Due to my limited medical record the judge said I would have to make him believe my case. At the end of the hearing Mr. Judge said I was a very credible witness. The occupational specialist was given a fictional character that matched me and my circumstances. The specialist, after weeding through various jobs and getting down to menial work finally added in my reaction to the medications I take. I call it my daily coma. She stated, on record, that I was unemployable.
The letter I got today basically said the judge only believed 90 percent of my case and in the letter he said the occupational specialist was as very credible professional yet discounted the part where she said I was unemployable. The letter also mention my age. I am really suprise they didn't mention my race too. So at this point in my life I am uninsurable, unemployable, pain ridden, drug addled amd incapable of doing the most basic of chores. But, I'm not disabled because I had the audacity to try shoveling snow a two years ago. That act threw out my left hip. But since I tried it I'm not disabled. The whole system is populated by liars. The Dr. that did my physical exam ommitted evidence. I fell during one test and had to have help up off the floor in the other test, and my blood pressure was 185/95 or there abouts. The walking test consisted of me taking two steps in the tiny exam room. No mention of any of that. The  hearing exam lady told me I have significant upper level hearing loss. Yet report was signed by a man and the judge said I had no hearing loss yet todays letter says I have loss of hearing in both ears but since I could hear his booming voice in a quiet room he says I have no hearing loss. So the Dr. lied, the judge lied, the occupation specialist was ignored and I was basicaly called a liar. Since I didn't have money to pay for certain treatments my Dr. offered, I was denied, since I my health has degraded since a year ago I was denied, since the States Dr. ommitted evidence I was denied.Since I'm broke and can't afford tests and treatments I was denied. I guess my only option is to go to Mexico and sneak across the border, declare myself an illegal alien and then apply for benefits. Fuck me with a stick! Let the drinking begin.


JFM said...

My best friend is a lawyer, he has crushed discs in his back, he is on Demerol and morphine every day. His disability claim was denied for 6 years. He recently won his case. It cost him $8000. He can't work, he can't drive, he's on enough pain meds to put me into a coma. None of the doctors lied in his case, yet it took him 6 years.

Matt said...

You are the wrong race, aren't moose-lim in faith, aren't queer.

You never had a chance.

Dean Carder said...

Thanks for the replies. Yeah, I get the feeling I'm a little to light for any thing good to happen. And I take meds that put me doown fro 2-3 hours every day. I'm a liitle out of it know. Lawyer is reviewing the letter and i'm sure she will compare it to the court recordzto.