Monday, July 23, 2012

Just One Gallon

I'm hearing calls to re-enact the assault weapon ban. A lot of folks are talking about the carnage this piece of shit caused. My reaction to this is, the hell with the guns, what would have happened if he chose some lengths of chain, a couple padlocks and a gallon of gas? Add one freakin' match and there, in all likely hood, there would have been no survivors. If he made it into the theatre with all the guns and ammo he surely could have made it to the fire suppression valve and shut off the water supply with no problem. People want to blame the gun when it is really all about the sick, demented fuckers that hold the gun. Unfortunately we have no way of forecasting these event so the only realistic , viable solution is for the general populace to bear arms at all times. If two or three folks had been carrying in that theatre ,in all likely hood we would have had a dead bad guy with minimal collateral damage as the military is wont to say. But the movie chain chooses to ban weapons in their establishments and supposedly Aurora has some stringent local laws against firearms and self defense. All that equals dead men, women and children.


dakotas5 said...

We need a ban on high capacity defense free zones.

Dean Carder said...

Or a high capaicity weapon required law.