Saturday, July 18, 2015

Just Working on Stuff

Between working screwy schedules, keeping up on house work or trying to, mowing mine and the neighbors yards and working on my still and various knife projects I have not have time to post anything on this blog. So sorry. No Really.

I will say this...I am still pissed as fuck about the idiots, morons, libtards and such that have a bee in their bonnet over the Confederate Virginia Battle flag and anything Southern or Confederate. My fervent wish is that one two of these dickheads run into me. I have a LOT of anger built up ( divorce, losing my house to the bitch, being poor, cant find a good paying job, blah, blah, blah) I would be getting free room and board for the next 10 years or so until I meet old sparky. Truthfully, I want a complete separation of the states. Quietly or loudly, I dont give a fuck. Just split off the liberal states or those have northern ideas and get over it. Leave us alone. And dont come visiting either.
Ive got my Quantrills flag flying on the north side of my porch and the Battle flag flying on the South side of my porch. That way the locals, the staters and the feds can know what to expect. I prefer it hard and loud.

As an aside, I am also sick of serving folks who live and work in this country who cannot speak American English.....AT ALL. Every fucking day, Mexicans, Asians want something but they cannot tell me what. It has gone so far that I try to avoid them. Do I feel bad about it? Hell no. Im also tired of the Spanish speakers, when two or more get together, they have speak Spanish. I an sick of hearing Spanish all the fucking time. They use it like a secret code. I meet Slavics and Eastern Europeans that have mostly mastered our language so why the hell cannot the wetbacks and the slopes do it too? I could go on all freaking day about customers in general. I wont do that today. As I have to go back to work in the morning Im trying to go to bed with a good attitude.


Stephen said...

They can yell, scream, and take the flag down from their capitals...but Bro, they can't take away our heritage. Chill, we have pride and all the guns.

Dean Carder said...

You are right sir. We will always have our heritage, maybe not the memorials to our heritage but that which resides within us.