Sunday, August 9, 2015


Music has always spoke to me. Many songs seems they have been written for me. So when my wife left me, several songs seemed to relate to her actions or relate to our situation. Lynyrd Skynyrd  has a song called Tuesday's Gone. It was nearly two fucking years before I could hear that song and not burst into tears. Really, big old me, crying. Well, I'm finally over that.

Another was a George Thorogood tune called Sweet Little Lady. I used it for her ring tone, I sang it to her, every time I heard it I was reminded of her. Well, she's not my pride or joy any more.

After two and half years, I can finally listen to all my favorite music, FINALLY. She really broke my heart.

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skybill said...

Hi Rebel,
'Know what ya' mean!!! My wife died of pancreatic cancer on Tuesday, never mind the month and day, she's just gone.....I was at her side when she drew her last breath!! Tuesday's gone....I took her to see Lynyrd in Fayetteville NC and I was floored when she told me how much fun she had and this was the first time that anybody "EVER" took her to a concert!!!...Ripped my heart out.....'know what ya' mean!!!
Blue skies...Buddy!!!,