Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Header or Just a Good Ol' Fuck You

With all of the bullshit flying about the Naval Jack also known as the Confederate Flag (which it aint) I just HAD to change the banner on this here blog. Ive made my position clear many times on this blog. I feel it is high time for a complete separation of the states. Split the historical South off from the blood sucking heartless north and get on with life. In the Old South, they had a completely integrated society, in the north they had hate, fear, torture and no hearts. And it seem be same to this day. A crazed asshole posed while stoned or drunk or some say coerced in some way, holding a small naval jack.  So the liberal left assholes now have caused Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, EBay and many other outlets to refuse to sell any more "confederate flag" items. This in turn has led to the defacing of "civil war" monuments all across this country. There is even a call by a former black panther leader to finish killing white slave owners in Charleston. HUH? There are no slave owners in Charleston today. Do you think he just means whitey? Watch the video here. I say bring it on mother fucker.

In an effort to educate some ignorant mother fuckers... here is a Confederate Flag.

This is the Second National flag, final version. 13 stars on blue field with red and white broad stripes. Most folks wouldnt know it if jumped up bit them on the ass.

Here is a Confederate Naval jack. NAVY FLAG!

Just for perspective... here is the Missouri Confederate Battle Flag.

So if the jackasses dont like the Naval Jack then I say...MOVE. Go somewhere else that doesn't have these flags or Southern memorials. Quit looking at them, quit talking about them. SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT! Do it peacefully or if you want it loud let is know. I think we could do it right this time.
Here are a few fact in this same vein. You can prove them on your own as Im not footnoting these fact.
1. The KKK used to march under the US flag. It was a recent change to march under the Naval Jack.
2. 300,000 to 1 million blacks supported the Souths cause. Either as non combatants i.e laborers, stablemen, cooks or actual soldiers or footman to soldiers. They came willingly. Millions simply stayed on the farms and plantations and continued to produce crops and herds instead of running to the north. AND may hundreds of times protected the white women and children who were still on the plantation when the northern raiders appeared, bent on retribution. This is hard to prove as the north destroyed nearly ALL records in the South during the war and during the occupation of the South. However some researchers have found much evidence to support these numbers.
3. Every American slave ship was owned by northern businessmen and flagged either under the US flag or  that of the United Kingdom. So it was the north that founded and promoted slavery under the US flag.
4. Every major college In the East was either founded by or built on land donated by slave importers.
5. The northern states were far more racist in their attitude towards people of color. They had laws on the books calling for the beating, maiming and killing of blacks. The South however had laws on the books protecting slaves and calling for the punishment of owners who  abused their, lets be honest here, their servants.
6. The South was a fully integrated society with many free blacks that had farms, plantations and business'. People of all other colors and races were welcome in the South.
 In comparison, the north  hated Jews, Irish, Italians, Indians, Catholics and anyone who wasnt WASP...White Anglo Saxton Protestant. (Do some research on Irish slavery in the US for a real eye opener. You dont hear the Irish calling reparations or calling for the death of all business owners. )
For many books with eye opening facts with documentation go to
One book which has many facts and images is called "Everything you were taught about American slavery is wrong, just ask a southerner" It a very long read, tracing slavery back from ancient times to the current day. Quite a tome but worth the read.
As far as the term of "servant" goes...most Southern Plantation servants received a small remuneration for their work. They were also given land on which to raise gardens and livestock for themselves to eat or sell as they deemed fit. They were given most Saturdays and Sundays off to do as they pleased such as go hunting, fishing,  or even put on their finery and go to town.
At the Carnton Plantation house in Tennessee, at the back of the house you can see a stepping stone, with a grove worn it from countless foot falls upon it. Open that back door it leads to and what do you see? A small room that was the paymasters office. Yes the slaves appeared each week to receive a small envelope with their stipend inside.
Here is a picture of the servants quarters at Carnton. Hell, Id live there!
Was this typical of the South? Probably not. Is this proof of the decent treatment of the servants in the South? Most likely. A Southern Slave was guaranteed cradle to grave, clothing, medical care, jobs, wages, entertainment. Was there punishment for wrongs? Yes. For everyone. In that time whipping was the most common legal punishment for everyone by law. Those heavy handed overseers we keep hearing about? 99 percent were black men employed by the plantations.
Do your own research and see what life was really like in the old South for Blacks as well as Whites.


RebPirate said...

Just to be clear, that is actually the final version of the First National Flag (Stars & Bars).
Anyway, you forgot to mention that:
1: The 3/5 clause in the U.S. Constitution was put in place by NORTHERN politicians to prevent the south from being "over represented" in the House. If each slave (or free black) was counted as a whole person, the south would have had a few more representatives based on their ENTIRE population. The same reason that now oh so many democrat controlled states want the illegal aliens in their states to be included in population counts. That way they can increase their numbers in congress.
2: When Lincoln was asked why he couldn't let the south go peacefully, his reply was something like; "where will the government get out money?" The south had an unfair financial burden placed upon it due to northern politicians placing high taxes on raw materials (cotton & tobacco) going out and high tariffs on finished goods coming in. See how the 3/5 clause worked? If the south was equally represented in congress by counting ALL persons as whole, those taxes and tariffs would have been shared equally.
3: The "emancipation proclamation" freed not one single slave. It freed only slaves in states in rebellion (which weren't under federal authority anyway). Delaware, Maryland (Confederate government arrested), Kentucky (Confederate government in exile), and Missouri (all government in chaos) "legally" held slaves while aligned with the federals until the (illegal) ratification of the 13th amendment.
4: The last slave ship to dock in the U.S. did so in BOSTON harbor during the War Between the States. "History" books tell us that the last one docked in Mobile in 1858/1859, but customs records indicate otherwise.
So it seems to me that the actual "flag of slavery" has stars & stripes NOT stars & bars.

Dean Carder said...

Well said Reb Pirate and Welcome!

skybill said...

Hi Dean,
Well written and accepted!! You and my friend Brock over at Free North Carolina are on it!! Read my post to him that he posted high up in his side bar. It is among others but this post reflects your, mine and his thoughts!! I'd like to close with a comment from our late Great President Jefferson B. Davis that Brock published back this summer,"Truth crushed to earth is still truth still and like a seed will rise again!!" Jefferson B. Davis.
Got Gunz .....OUTLAW!!!!,