Thursday, February 9, 2012

Doomsday Preppers Episode Two

This second episode aired right behind the first. Once again, I do not criticise to point my finger but rather to help folks better understand the prepping way of life. Every one has their own idea of what to prep for and how to prep for it. I don't have my preps where I want them to be and I'm not in great physical shape. So, let's get on with it.

Episode Two

Family #1

This is a two person family. The husband is a retired disabled truck driver. His physical condition is obese with bad, well as he said the only thing that works good is his mouth.
This guy is way ahead of most folks in regard to this communication center. He is HAM certified and uses his rig regularly. He has a fair amount of stored food but not enough to sustain him for a long time. He has no way to grow any more food with his physical condition and lack of power equipment to do it with. He says he is prepping for an EMP event. During the show he was building a Faraday enclosure to put his radio equipment in. He doesn't put it in and out every day but plans to put it in when he needs to . Is he going to get a warning of all EMP event that may or may not occur? He will need forewarning to move his electronics to the enclosure. And that is something we don't usually get. His security amounts to an M1A rifle, a roll of barbed wire and a pack of Minpins. Miniature Doberman Pincers. He doesn't expect any one to show up at his place during an event so basically it's him and his wife. He needs to join with other preppers in his area and form a network that he can depend on. Since he has a hard time getting around he needs some kind of motion sensors around his property. Plain old infrared or even a MURS system. he also needs to store more food and have a way to get or store water.

Family Two

Wow! What can I say? This lady and her husband have it goin' on! She was the head of a multimillion dollar business and she plowed a lot of bucks into her families preps and continues to do so. She is an amateur gourmet cook. She is focused on food. They have several years of food put away in many different forms and ways. This family practices for lights out type situations. They have learned morse code to communicate in the dark and have become fluent in Tagalog, a dialect from the Philippines as a secure means of conversing. This lady is obese but that doesn't slow her down. She takes shooting lessons, and teaches a self defense course. They claim to spend 6-8 hours a day working on their preps. I didn't see any tool or equipment stocks but with the way they are going I 'm sure they have taken care of that. They needed to get additional forms of power and ways to get water. After the show they said they have addressed that.This family is proof that money can't fix everything but it certainly can help.

Family Three

Lord help me. The naivite of this family is absurd They a prepping for a Black Swan event .They ahve a minifarm in a rural town. They can EVERTYTHING! They have gardens, small animals, water sources. They raise and tend bee's to have a barter item.The are building skills in sewing and woodworking. They encourage their community and invite people to their place to see how they do it. Security? They don't need no stinking security. Really, they don't believe in guns and don't envision any violence coming their way during time of societal break down. They think the community will defend them. Well folks, if that's your thought process, I hope you're right with the Lord and keep up with your prayin'.

Family Four

This family relocated to the mountains of Colorado. They have a huge prepper family with alot of skills and training that are preparing for global chaos and hyperinflation. Dad is a prop builder and fabricator. He has a daughter that is learning his skills. One son is learing first responder skills and is trianing to be a fireman. The have a daughter and her husband that are in charge of fuels. Another son is incharge of security and yet another son that is in charge of IT for the retreat. They have a really nice retreat home. Well set up and have quite a bit of acreage to go with it. No the problems. They only have 6 months of food. The couple that takes care of the fuels only cuts wood when they need it. The have no stockpile of wood to feed the stoves in a grid down situation and nothing was mentioned about any other fuel such as gas, diesel and kerosene. The single person in charge of security is the only person in this "department". He goes on "patrols" by himself. The entire family does shoot though. They really need to selectively invite others to join their family so they can have more people to perform security for the ranch and they need to build a couple more woodsheds and store at least one year of fire wood. They need to strongly focus on food and put away no less than a years supply to feed everyone that currently resides or comes to this retreat.

Show notes

Different guns had different sound but I still don't think they were playing actual gunfire.
Nat Geo is making most of these fols look like they are from the white trash side of extremism. I guess we couldn't expect anything better. More next week.

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