Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Wonder How She's Doin'

I meant to comment on this earlier in the week but I failed to. So now I wonder how the Girl And Her Gun is doing at shooting class. I only wish my wife would get a little of this women's drive to be a shooter. That is,with out the violence that prompted GWAG to enter the world of self defense. This young woman is rocking the blogosphere with her foray into shooting and blogging. More power to her! She has realized that only she can be responsible for her life 24/7. She has realized that as the Founding Fathers meant, you cannot be truly free unless you have a firearm.


Tango Juliet said...

Had a nice, fierce young lady in my CQB class this past Saturday. Despite her size, she held her own against us apes.

Glad to see women get involved in this. Sadly they are far more likely to be victimized by crime.

God created man. Sam Colt made 'em equal.

Dean Carder said...

My wife had expressed an interest in getting her concealed carry permit. We went shooting a couiple of times and then it got cold. She won't do cold. Then she changed jobs and she doesn't feel the need to get the permit. So now she is, I guess bleh about the whole thing.

agirlandhergun said...

Wow, thank you for your kind words. I am loving your blog. Very good stuff here and I don't mean the post about me;)

Give your wife time. I have a daughter and daughter in law who have taken the slow road and thank God, they will not be coming to guns through violence. I get very wrapped around the axil wanting them to understand what I didn't. Wanting them to learn from my experience, but we all have to deal with things in our time. I find the more love I lavish on them, the more they see how much they matter and the more open they are to listen. Not try to offend you, of course I don't know you or her, but I just want to say, you are kind to care for her safety.

Dean Carder said...

Thanks for reading Girl! You have made a remarkable change in your life and can be held as a great example on taking charge of your life.