Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Old School Heater

A few years ago one of my friends, who was older than me and sported a name ending in a vowel asked if I was interested in a couple of old revolvers. Naturally my response was sure. This was back when I had a good job with good pay to boot. Any we walked over to his shop and he drug two old Spanish gats out. One was in his family for many years.It worked but the ejector assembly was gone. Now the other one was a different story. Most of the blue was there, it was functional and all the parts were in the right places. Here is the story on this gun. When his uncle died the wake was interrupted by some large fellows who ushered most of the family and guests to another room. Then the large guys escorted 4 old "gentlemen" into the room. They spoke with my friend, his mother and aunt and told them that they were there to honor their best button man! The family was shocked to learn that their dear father, husband, uncle and grandfather had been working for another "family". What a story! It gets better. The dead uncle owned a restaurant in KC. The family decided to close it and was cleaning it in preparation to turn it over to a new operator. My friend was cleaning the restroom. It had the old time toilet tank mounted high up on the wall. He was wiping the walls down and as he scrubbed behind the tank he found a rag wrapped bundle there. Upon opening he found a well cared for revolver in the oily rag. So is this one of the tools of his other "trade"? Who knows but it has a great story with it. A few years later I wanted to get all the details about it but before I could he was killed in an unfortunate forklift wreck. Rest in peace Angelo, my friend.


Walter Zoomie said...

Cool! Sounds like a movie I've seen a couple of times. This happened for real more than once back in the day, apparently.

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Dean Carder said...

Walter, glad to have you here! Yea, he told me several interesting stories!. KC has a very "interesting" background when it came to the "families".

Brock Townsend said...

What a story!