Monday, January 30, 2012

Blades, Bags And A Tiny Light

When my mother and her husband come over it's like show and tell for he and I. This past Sunday he showed me some knives he had scored at a flea market. Three for 5 bucks. He gave me one of them. They are David Yellowhorse rejects. Yellowhorse has made some very beautiful knife scales for Buck and Case. He uses turquoise and various other stone and wood combinations for the scales. They are great looking and very unique. These rejects are not Buck or Case. The tang Stamp is DY. As they are rejects, they don't have the scales that are unique to David. The knife is what was rejected. They have slight imperfections in the blade grind near the tip. So the knives have never been finished, the rivets have not even been ground down.
Then we got to talking about every day carry items so I showed him my every day bag. It's a British gas mask bag. It's made of very heavy nylon material, has a combination shoulder/waist strap as well as a thigh strap. It is equipped with one flapped outer pocket, one tall flat open top pocket and the interior has one pocket with seven sub pocket in it, In the main bag I carry a stainless steel cup, a nylon poncho, a multi tool, a knife, 100 feet of 550 cord, 25 feet of 1/4 inch nylon rope, a flashlight, a pair of leather gloves and a pair of glove liners, a Mylar sleeping bag, and a tinder box and finally a small bottle of bug repellent. I got the bags from Sportsman's Guide for something like 3 bags for 12 dollars. I also got the poncho's 3 for 12 . Even with all the mentioned items I still have room for seasonal items.
The we got around to lights. I showed him a tiny little "survival" kit I was building and told him my problem with finding a light that would fit in the little box. One day while at Cabelas, I found a tiny little LED light by Streamlight. It's called the Nano. It might be nano in size but it's giant in light out put considering it's Lilliputian stature. It comes with a keychain attachment but I've installed this one in my little kit. Take a look...
Considering it's size verses it's output I'd say that everyone needs one on their keychain or in their pocket. Big punch from a little package.
I'd provide links to all the above but Blogger is at it again. I can't highlight anything to create a hyperlink. Thanks again Blogger.

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