Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just Stuff

After yesterdays blackout of websites and blogs it seems as if Congress is backing off of this issue. Keep the pressure on them and make sure this abomination never sees the light of day again. But they and the Senate don't have the horse power to get the Keystone XL pipe line approved. The Keystone pipe line already goes from Canada to Oklahoma. No problem there. But it can't be extend because they don't know what the environmental impact will be? Come on now, A pipe line was just run across Missouri, through crop and grazing land and the only way you can tell it's there is by the occasion creek crossing and some new fences. Another example of how the "greenies" are running things. As a result all that oil will now get sold to our old buddy China. And we get no jobs out of it.

My son has left his family for duty in Fallon Nevada. He'll be there for 52 day. I know it's not long but he has a wife and new baby that really love and miss him. The last time he went there a snow storm hit the area and he ended up spending his first several days there in a hotel room as the base was shut down.

Cherry and I are still working on this house as money comes available. With my knees and back issues I can't do a lot of the things I used to do a very short time ago. So, she took a lesson in tiling a floor from her brother-in-law and did great. Only tiling a floor has little bearing on tiling a wall in the cramped confines of a shower. Much cussing as discussing later we had a few tiles on the wall and it looked like, well, as her late step father was fond of saying, like a can of mashed asshole. Really, it was not good. We took it all down, cleaned the tiles and scraped the mortar off the wall. I dug out one of my handy dandy books and found a chapter on tiling a shower. We are now backing up and reassessing the situation and will get this damned shower done. One way or another.

With all the trim work going on, house keeping, house improvement and other daily to do's I haven't made much progress on the Winchester I'm refinishing for Dad. It'll get done. I know it'll get done.


Mike C said...

Hey Dean, Do you still have that SKS you are looking to sell?

Dean Carder said...

yes I do. $400 bucks cash or trade.

Mike C said...

SOLD! I want it! I can't pick it up until Sunday...... Are you available Sunday 1/22/2012?