Friday, January 20, 2012

Soaring Aloft

I was over at Granddads Corner this morning and he had a post about kites. I really enjoyed that story. Is that the story of every kid and Dad with a kite? When I was a whole lot smaller than I am now my Dad bought me a box kite. We assemble that paper and stick creation and took it to the field behind my grannies house. We finally got the kite off the ground then it was katie bar the door. A wind current grabbed that thing and away it went. Dad reeled it out until it was a spec in the sky. He finally turned it over to me and it promptly had ME airborne! Dad grabbed me and after flying it for a while tried to get it back to earth. if I remember correctly, that kite never did come back. I remember Dad finally cutting the string. I was a kite flier ever since. When I lived near Corpus Christie Cherry and I were at the beach and I sent a kite aloft. I kept adding string, feeding it into the on shore breezes. Three rolls of string later it was out of sight. That one never came back either. Do yourself a favor and get a kite and let your mind go soaring with it.

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