Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Knife

When we traveled to Virginia I was very put out by leaving my knives at home. I told Cherry as soon as possible we were going to by a knife in Virgina and Son could either keep it or ship it back to me. Upon landing and being picked up by Son I asked him to take me to a knife dealer in the morning. The next morning I asked when we were going to leave and he told me to hold my horses as it was my birthday and then handed me a box. A blue box. A blue box with the letters S O G on it. Inside was an SOG Trident with spring assist opening and built in belt cutter. I felt much better then. It's nice and sharp and I did get it back to Missouri. My father-in-law traveled with us and then he drove a car back for our niece. Our larger carry on luggage, gifts and such went with him and we traveled back with just our under seat bags. I still had no knife on the flight though.

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