Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Time To.............

Since the TSA hasn't caught any young Islamic males it's mission is changing. It seems as though they want to pay more attention to .....all of us. All of us that want a smaller government, all of us that want a return to a free nation, all of that in general disagree with what the government is us. Michael Chertoff makes the case here. (Hat tip to III Percent Patriot.) Is this a great big leap into a bigger big brother government? I think it's time for anyone that gives a crap about their selves, their family, their country to pay attention . Talk or email regularly with your congress critters and research what a threeper is. A three percenter. III. If you are a Threeper, put a patch on your jacket. Get some stickers made and let everyone know what a Threeper is all about. Are you willing to stand for your rights? Check out III Percent Patriot and Sipsey Street Irregulars for some information on III Percenters. III

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