Friday, January 6, 2012

It's 2012 So.........

With new year comes some new ideas and activities. Cherry has her list and I have mine. Since she is the current bread winner in this household we'll see which get the most attention.
Cherry's list...
complete the master bath
complete the master bedroom
finish the office
trim out the rest of the doors and ceilings
ride more
be more social

Dean's list...
ride more
shoot more
get the basement cleared up
start on the vault
put more cash aside
do some gun trading
work on Cherry's list

As stated above, we are a one income couple at this time so we are living on a very tight budget. We have several ideas that we want to try out to make some extra income. One idea is to start an ebay store to move some of our stuff and new stuff too. We want to expand our Shelf Reliance business and get started on selling some amazing health items. Keep watching for some things to appear on this site.

I've got her favorite cake in the oven so she'll have a nice treat tonight. We go to dinner at my mothers house one night this weekend so that's one night I don't have to cook and it'll be good to catch up with my mom and step father after their Kalifornia trip. Next week I'll give you a review of their train ride out there and compare it with their trip back.


Watchful said...

You are fairly close to my AO (Buffalo, MO). Our "To Do" lists are fairly similar with the exception of the "cash" part. I am turning in as much of my spare cash into junk silver (90% dollars, quarters, dimes etc, 40% nickels). I just started following your blog and look forward to your future posts.

Dean Carder said...

Watchful,I've got some silver but I do need more of the Junk silver. We bought a foreclosed home with my dwindling retirement fund and are working on getting it rehabed. Thanks for your interest.