Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Storm Is Coming

With the solar storm hitting as I write I have to ask, has everyone secured their electronics in a Faraday enclosure or even a metal garbage can or ammo can? This is the second large solar storm to hit in the last 6 months. Doing so may allow you to save your radios, cell phones and such. Will this storm damage your electronics? Who knows? I would rather save what I have than have to replace it. This is one of the things we have to look out for and prepare for. Preparedness is not all economic collapse, foreign invasion and super volcano's. Your prudent family will try to prepare for many situations. And it's convenient that most of your preps will cover many situations. Food, water, sanitation and firearms covers all situations. It's the specific things you have to add to make your inventory cover many situations.Let's face it, you can't prepare for everything. Take a look at your life, your economics, your job, your region. Make the decision to prepare for what ever you think is the most likely to occur to you and your family. If something else rears it's ugly head you'll be in a a better situation for it.


Watchful said...

Good point.

I have multiple radio's and rechargeable flashlights put back in my faraday cage just in case. Since 2 = 1 and 1 = none, its always a good idea to have backups.

Funny, but I actually posted about this very thing in my blog a while ago.

Dean Carder said...

Great minds think alike!