Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cherry got home tonight and I had dinner waiting. Oven baked cod fillets, sweet corn, rice with broccoli and corn bread. I also made a spicy remoulade sauce to go with the fish. Very tasty.

Cooking was way better than listening to more of the Rick Perry dropped out talk by EVERYONE.
That just makes it better for Ron Paul. Mitt Romney only keeps a "little" money in an offshore account. I guess a few million is a little to a guy like him. Anyway that's better for Paul again. Newts ex-wife is making claims of him wanting an open marriage and telling the name of his on the side lover when doing the asking. Better for Paul. I do like that Perry is now supporting Newt. There is a video clip of Perry in the past saying that anyone that would lie to their spouse would lie to their business partner. Figger that one out. OK, enough of the politics.

Good Night!

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