Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wow! I Got Some Trim!

After breakfast we broke out the miter saw and started installing all the trim work in the guest bedroom. Some of it we bought at the big box home improvement store and some it came from a place called Re-Store. Unused materials, used material, lumber, granite, tile, paint, you name it are donated from new jobs, demo's and such. You can get stuff at great prices. The deal is, you have to go a lot or just be lucky. We got oak door and window trim for 3 bucks a piece. Once we got 2.5 inch poplar coping for 2 dollars a stick and they were big sticks. This week I have been cutting some to size, sanding, staining, and applying poly to all of it and today was the big day. Kinda. We ran out of light in the room we are using as the trim shop. I got started on the crown moulding when the darkness overtook us. So I need to finish that then do the base moulding and TADA! That's another room done. I gotta say, I hate doing crown moulding. My mind does not work upside down and backwards. Today's install went very easy thanks to Kregs Crown Pro. Best money I've spent in a while.

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