Sunday, January 8, 2012

We went to my Mothers house last night and had dinner. It was good. We had fried taco's. They resembled burritos but had different filling. They are filled with re fried beans, seasoned, cooked ground beef, onions and cheese. Then they are fried on all sides in about a half inch of oil. We had a good time discussing their recent trip to Kalifornia and other aspects of our combined lives.
While there we got a couple of small gifts from my Brother and Sister-in-Law. Cherry got a nice porcelain spoon rest and I got this...
It is very good. I tried it out on my fried tacos last night. Smoky and tasty then the habaneros kick in. Not excruciatingly hot but a good heat. I'll be using this on a whole bunch of stuff. I think there is a place to get more of it in KC.
On a side note, Cherry gave me her final list of to do's this morning and I had it just about right in a previous post.

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